Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just being silly

Australia has too many women. China has too many men. Sometimes, the Obvious tag is the only way to go

There's another option.

Legalize gay marriage in both countries.

There, problem solved.

Given the conservative slant many mods seem to have these days, I doubt this post will last long at all.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

animal900 thinks corporate standards keep chain restaurants clean

Applebee's food order comes with delicious "out of date" sticker on it. Manager apologizes, offers to refresh drinks


Corporate standards??


Franchise owners routinely ignore corporate standards. I worked a Frinedly's in college. The store I was at literally bribed the health inspector, with cash and some "quality time" with one of the waitresses, to get a passing grade.

One of the food prep people smoked in the kitchen and ashed into the slaw.

The manage had huge hairy arms and mixed the slaw by hand, as in dipping his arm to the bottom of the five gallon buckets and stirring the mush inside.

I was once chewed out for throwing out some red onions in the fridge. I'd tossed them because they were covered in fuzzy mold. The manager insisted I could have just washed them off and served them in salad.

By the way, if it was being cooked, they considered it OK to leave it on the floor until they got around to picking it up.

Then there was the time someone cut himself while shopping up salad. He bled all over the tray used to soak and wash salad while it was full. The manager just drained it and served it without so much as an extra rinse.

If you're relying on corporate standards to keep the kitchen clean you're in for a surprise.

Update: Of course it was deleted.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Telemarketing Drivel Post II

FTC essentially bans prerecorded telemarketing drivel. It's not the "electrocute the bastards by pressing the pound key" solution we were hoping for, but it's still a good thing

MaritimeSpeedskating Asking to speak with a supervisor or have your name removed is pointless.

I agree. The best luck I've had was to pretend to be interested and ask a series of roundabout questions that made me look like an idiot. The moment they get someone on the line they think is too stupid to understand what they're selling they latch on like a drowning man to a life vest. If you pretend to be interested and too stupid to say no you can string them along for quite some time.

Two or three calls like this and the given company stops calling.

At a past residence I managed to keep the telemarketer on the line for a good half hour while I tried to get them to "Accept Jesus." I finally ended the call with "I'm sorry, but I can't do business with a firm that employs heathens." That pretty much out an end to the calls.

Those bastards from the Westborough News though didn't stop calling until I sent their parent company the Metrowest News an invoice for about $2,500, citing the federal law that entitled me to the money.

The telemarketing jerks didn't pay but they did stop calling.

Update: The post was deleted within 24 hours

telemarketing drivel

FTC essentially bans prerecorded telemarketing drivel. It's not the "electrocute the bastards by pressing the pound key" solution we were hoping for, but it's still a good thing

Hosebeatings: They insisted he'd called them from my number on a Friday afternoon

A bill collector tried that one on me a few years ago. I immediately started copying down all the information they would give me about getting in touch with them, confirmed their claim that the neighbor (A woman in this case) had called from my number and then breathlessly informed them that I was thankful they'd let me know about this break-in and that I would call the police immediately.

"I can't believe that b**th broke into my apartment!" I yelled. Then I said "Just a second, I need to get a tape recorder. I want a tape of you telling me she'd called from this number when I file a police report."

I put the phone down for a few seconds, and when I picked it back up they'd hung up. That agency never called me at that number again.

Update: The post was deleted within 24 hours

Sex offenders and fast food

You probably shouldn't flash a bikini-clad barista who's holding a cup of boiling water. "Kylie opened the door and threw boiling hot water on his face and his chest and he said oooh yeah."

Something similar happened to a friend of mine in college. She was working at a McDonald's manning the drive through when a perv came to the drive through with his pants down. She "screwed up" his order to give him a cup of hot coffee instead of the soda he'd asked for. She leaned out of the window and into his truck. Suddenly, he learned that she had "accidentally" failed to attach the lid properly. He got a large hot coffee right onto his exposed Johnson. This was before the famous "hot coffee in the lap" lawsuit so it was still hot enough to cause second and third degree burns. He screamed that he would sue, she countered by pointing out he'd go to jail for indecent exposure and have to register as a sex offender if he did.

He pealed out of the drive through and she never saw him again.

The story is of a "mature" bent but given the topic of the thread and the other comments in that thread, it should fit in just fine.

It's Been a While

I hadn't posted to this blog in close to a year, but recently revived it when a friend sent me a few Fark links. I posted a couple of comments and sure enough the next day they were gone.

As a result I'm reviving the blog for a little bit. Yes, the blog is still around, and yes I'm going to keep it up until Fark stops deleting posts for no reason.